Thursday, May 26, 2011

Divisoria is Online @

Divisoria is "THE" place for bargain hunters.  I've been there multiple times to do my shopping for the best prices and for testing of my bargaining skills.  But with the smoldering heat this summer, there's no wonder why people are discouraged to go there and shop.

Enter  This new online shop got everything from clothes, accessories and even bags! I love the site since its way better that experience of surfing through multiply or facebook.  Items are categorized so I can easily find what I want.  It also has a Specials section where items go at an even lower rate!  The best part is the ukay-ukay section.  That's right... search  branded items effortlessly!   Finally, I get everything delivered.

Go visit and experience bargain shopping without sweat.  Payment option currently available is bank deposit (which I use frequently) and G-Cash.

Happy shopping!!!


  1. The prices online are way much cheaper than those individual-owned online shops on FB...they're overpricing way too much! Same design and quality lang from divisoria.

  2. very true! that's why i like this online shop better. at least divisoria prices talaga minus the hassle.

  3. Hello, buenas dias, I am Chippy from Zamboanga a Reseller. I am looking for a Supplier who supplies affordable and good quality of RTW. Muchos Gracias :)